Oregano Oil Benefits

Oregano Oil Home Remedy

Oregano oil, often referred to as the “illustrious flower of the mountain,” is much more than just a flavorful addition to pizza. Packed with a variety of nutrients, including vitamins A and C, potassium, and copper, oregano offers numerous holistic health benefits, from aiding in digestion to potentially fighting off viruses.

The oil extracted from the oregano plant is highly concentrated and has little to no taste. It can be easily incorporated into any beverage or diffused into the air to experience its benefits. For those seeking a natural way to enhance their wellness, oregano oil is a highly beneficial option to consider.

Nasal Congestion

Often times, saline mixes are ineffective and reverse the symptoms of congestion. In addition, certain medicated nasal sprays can cause potential damage to the nasal passage. Therefore, implementing the use of revitalizing oils into your holistic routine can help alleviate the symptoms of congestion.

Begin by boiling water on the stove and adding in three drops of oregano oil. Then, carefully inhale the vapors being released from the pot. This will enable clearer breathing and also assist with post-nasal drip. This is a refreshing alternative that is quite therapeutic. You may also add a few drops to a diffuser in order to get consistent relief.

Topical Treatment for Skin Irritation

When dealing with frustrating skin ailments such as psoriasis or rashes, the search for quality products can be daunting. When used topically, oregano oil can help to soften the skin and provide necessary moisture.

Anti-inflammatory in nature, oregano oil can be graciously mixed with coconut or another carrier oil. It can be applied to dry, itchy areas when needed. However, it is wise to keep an eye on how your skin reacts to this treatment as some may experience extreme redness.

This method can also be used to help reduce and prevent the onset of acne. In addition, if you encounter a wound or break in the skin, oregano oil can be used to treat possible infections and even lessen the appearance of scars. This may also assist with discoloration.

Instant Immunity Booster

During the cold and flu seasons, many people strive to look for holistic options to ward off possible infections. Oregano oil has anti-bacterial properties that work in a similar manner to echinacea. By preventing free radicals, this oil can keep your immune system strong during seasons of vulnerability.

You may mix a few drops of oregano and coconut oil and place it under your tongue. Swish the mixture for about one to two minutes and then spit it out. By doing this on a consistent basis, you will see a dramatic improvement in the way you fight off infections. In addition, this method is best done before bed so as to obtain the full benefits.

Reducing High Cholesterol

Oregano oil has been known to lower cholesterol and help to maintain homeostasis within the body. When mixed with food on a daily basis, patients in a recent study reportedly experienced a drastic change in their cholesterol levels. Using this oil isn’t recommended as a replacement for traditional medication. As always, consult with your health care physician prior to adding a nature supplement into your medical routine.

Side Effects

The side effects of oregano oil are mild, with the threat of a possible upset stomach. For individuals who choose to use this product topically, they may experience burning or redness on the skin. If you have a known allergy towards food in the Lamiaceae family, it is best to avoid oregano oil by any means. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult with your healthcare professional prior to consumption.

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